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Pocket Pets

ferret in surgery

Pocket Pets

As a small animal practice we see a large number of pocket pets (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rodents, birds and reptile) as well as the occasional fish. Our veterinary and nursing staff have a special interest and many years experience in treating pocket pets and as such we understand the unique requirements of these pets.

Pocket Pets are gradually becoming more popular as pets because they are small and suit people who live in small dwellings and they generally have a shorter life span than dogs and cats.

In particular housing, feeding and socializing are very important in the care of pocket pets such as rabbits, ferrets and rodents. Rabbits and ferrets also require regular vaccinations and parasite control. Reptiles such as turtles, bearded dragons and pythons have unique husbandry requirements. They do not need daily walking and grooming but correct diet and environment are critical and specific to each species and need to be as close as possible to their natural diet and environment.

Also it is important to be aware that one needs a licence in order to keep reptiles as pets.